Friday, June 15, 2012

SASE x Sawyer

The SASE (Abadessan's Signed Sealed Delivered) X Sawyer (GCh CnSand Ardanwood Whitewash the Fence 4 Me) litter IS still planned.....SASE is late coming in to season.  

Kidd and Tiara eloped!

In honor of Kidd's BIG Best in Specialty Show WIN at the Nutmeg Regional Specialty held at the Greenwich KC dog show he got to take home the big in season Tiara!!!!!  (well not really....the breeding was planned well before Kidd's BIG win...but we will keep him thinking she was the prize!).   If all goes as planned I expect pups around August 14th!   I anticipate all wavies. Black, Black & White.....An in person meeting is REQUIRED to be considered for a puppy.  Contact Kris at (860)633-8045 or

(photo by Kidd's owner Lisa Wiley)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big News! Tiara is being bred to Kidd!

I made a recent decision to breed Tiara (CnSand Heir to the Crown) to Kidd (GCh. Turnabout Beachcomber's Treasure).  I will STILL be breeding Sawyer to SASE as planned, but Tiara came in season earlier then expected and SASE later then expected.   As you can see from his pictures Kidd is a very handsome boy.   His temperament is quite special as well....he is a calm boy, willing to please, and easy to live with.  What more can I ask for.   I expect wavy puppies (slight chance of curly) black, and Black and White.