Saturday, May 2, 2009

Almost all the pups have headed to their new homes.

So...I am down to three pups......the other six went to their new homes. Schack is living on Cape Cod with Terri and Patrick. Inky (now Lila) is living with Barb and Stan in CT and with PWD sister Carli and SWT sister Bryn. Dice is now Sloopy and is living in Virginia with Verne and her PWD Kayak. Spot is now Jingo...he lives in CT with the Scheff family. Oreo is now Skipper, he lives near Boston with Mark and Kate (Mark's brother has Otto son from the Gaults). Domino will leave tomorrow with the Harris family...he will reside during the week in NY city, and weekends in VT! Jiggy is being called Dory (at least that was the thought!), and she lives with John and Joyce in RI. Dot is staying here...I am trying out a couple names but nothing has stuck yet.....Polka is residing at CnSand a little longer. She got a clean bill of health from my vet, but I want to make sure all is well prior to her leaving (plus.....not for nothing...she is the funniest, most cutest PWD puppy that has ever lived!).

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