Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pups are here

It was a long day of good news....bad news.......Good news is that Mom and pups are doing well. Bad news is we had to do a C-Section. Tushie delivered the first two. But was having difficulty with puppy number three. We found that the puppy was terribly malpositioned as viewed on Xray. I recognized that there was a problem with that puppy and did not wait too long....though unfortunately we lost 5 of the 11 pups. 3 were quite small.....and two were normal size but after trying very hard to get them started we had to admit defeat. Mom, Tushie, is doing very well and is a fantastic Mom........I have 2 males that are heavy irish marks (full collars) and one parti bitch, one Irish bitch, and two black bitches with white chests and paws. All appear to be wavy though I am not 100% certain......honestly...I am more concerned with Mom care and helping these pups then with details! It will certainly be difficult over the next few days.....but I feel blessed with the 6...and happy that Tushie is doing well.

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