Monday, July 16, 2012

CnSand 3rd Annual Family Reunion has been scheduled!

CnSand Portuguese Water Dog Families!

I am hosting the third annual CnSandPWD Family Reunion in Pawling, NY at the home of Richard and Ann Garber.  The Garber's have graciously volunteered the use of their farm for the event.  This stunning property has beautiful grass pastures and is fully fenced in (though as cars enter and exit the property the driveway gate does allow exit so you MUST keep an eye on your dog!).

Date: Saturday, August 4th at 1pm.  
RSVP:  Please call or Email Kris if you plan to attend.  (860)633-8045
I will give you a complete address once you RSVP

What to bring:  We ask that everyone attending bring some sort of snack, desert, or drinks.  Please let Kris know what you will be bringing so we can avoid too many duplicates.   We had ALOT of food left over last please feel free to bring smaller portions.

For the dog:  Please make sure that all dogs are fully up to date on shots, have not been ill, and are friendly around other dogs.   Please do not bring any females that may be in season.   Intact adult males are allowed but PLEASE monitor them fully......intact males (over the age of one year) will NOT be allowed to play with each other.   Please keep your dog leashed and with you.  Kris will organize and arrange play opportunities based upon how well dogs get along.  This will not be a free for all dog park!  We will have dogs of varying ages thus we must try and make this a positive and FUN experience for everyone!

I look forward to seeing everyone!!!!   Cancelations and updates will be on my blog:

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