Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Litter "pup"dates!

The Tiara X Kidd litter have all been placed in their forever homes.  
Squiffy lives in CT and is now "Maya"
Pirate lives in RI and is now "Sailor"
Shanty lives in NY with her 2 year old PWD brother Cooper and is now named "Dakota"
Bucko lives in MA and is now "Brian"
Ahoy lives on Long Island and is now Leroy.
Blimey also lives on Long Island with his 8 year old PWD brother Nemo and is now "Memphis"
Cool fact:  Leroy's owner and Memphis' owner are brother and sister...so the two boys will get to see each other regularly.   Yahoo!!!!!    Things always seem to work out amazingly!!!!

The Sase X Sawyer kids are now 4 weeks old.    I potentially have two pups available to an approved home.    Since I match right puppy to the right home...I have absolutely NO idea which specific puppies are available until I begin assigning pups around 7 weeks old.    If you are interested, please send me an Email.    I require an in-person meeting to be considered.

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