Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Hi Everyone,
Since I have revamped my website and am now utilizing a significantly more user friendly Website building application I am able to update my Website with ease.   Thus the usefulness of the Blog has lessened.   I apologize for not updating this more frequently....but if you visit my website at you will find all the info and updates you may be looking for!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Upcoming Litters at CnSand!

Photos and info on Sires and Dams can be found on my Website at

At CnSand we average one to two litters a year.   Having a litter takes an incredible amount of research and planning and is incredibly time consuming once the puppies are born. The puppies are whelped and raised for the first 3 to 4 weeks in a bedroom in my home.  This allows the dam to feel safe and not get disturbed by the other dogs in my home.   At the 3 to 4 week mark the pups are moved in to my kitchen where they are exposed to noises, smells, people, dogs, different surfaces, climbing toys, and MORE people!!!     

To be considered for a puppy I require you to answer a questionnaire and have an in-person visit.   The visit is VERY important as it gives me an opportunity to meet you to ascertain if a PWD puppy and more specifically a CnSand PWD would be right for your family.  Also, it allows you to meet me, my dogs, and see the environment the pups are raised in.   

Please note that pups are not placed "first come first served" instead I match the puppy up to the family based upon the temperament of the puppy.   I welcome people to have input on gender/color/coat type but can not promise that the dog I feel is correct for your family will meet that criteria.  

Please note that all puppies are placed on a written contract, usually limited registration/spay neuter contract.    I will not ship a puppy.    

Litter Due around March 31.  
Sire: BISS GrCh. DownEast Elf About Town CWDX CD RA NA  “Dobby”
Dam: CnSand Heir I Go Again “Tantrum”
I expect wavy puppies, though there is a possibility of curlies.  Black, Black and White, and possibly some Parti Color.  Please note that through the usage of DNA based health testing the combination of sire and dam is incapable of producing puppies affected by PRA-PRCD, GM-1, JDCM, and Improper Coat. 

Litter Due May 4/5
Sire: Ch. DownEast Kwik Hide Your Heart  “Eli”
Dam: Ch. Abadessans Signed Sealed Delivered “SASE”
I expect wavy puppies.  Black, and Black and White.  Please note that through the usage of DNA based health testing the combination of sire and dam is incapable of producing puppies affected by PRA-PRCD, GM-1, JDCM, and Improper Coat. 

Please email me at if you would like to fill out a questionnaire.   Thank you.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tantrum was bred to Dobby Pups expected around March 31st!

Tantrum (CnSand Heir I Go Again) was bred to Dobby (BISS BIS GrCh. DownEast Elf About Town CWDX CD RA NA).   For more information visit the planned litters page at

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sawyer was on TV today!!

Sawyer was awarded Best of Breed at the National Dog show (AKA The Kennel Club of Philadelphia)!  So he was seen for ably 3 seconds on the airing of the show on NBC on Thanksgiving day.   If you would like to see Sawyer's individual exam it can be found at the following link:

Sawyer is BISS BrGrCh. CnSand Ardanwood Whitewash the Fence 4 Me.  He is owned by Richard Garber and Anne Wagner (and me).  Shown by Jenny Krieger.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Next CnSand Litter!

The next CnSand litter will be between Dobby (BISS Ch. DownEast Elf About Town) and Tantrum (CnSand Heir I Go Again).  Full info is on my website (     I expect Tanny to come in season in the next few week which will mean that pups will be due in 2014 and ready to go early Spring (if all goes as planned).

CnSand Website UPDATED!

After not updating the CnSand website in what felt like FOREVER.....I have re-designed the entire website.   While it is not as colorful as the last one, the new site has tons of great information and photos all in a much easier format.   I will continue to add to it in the future.   Due to the ease of updating the site I will be able to update it more frequently, though i will continue to post news on this site.

Monday, October 21, 2013

No pups at CnSand

Unfortunately, the SASE x Brady breeding did not take.  No clue why as SASE is very healthy, Brady has produced two fabulous litters.   We utilized timing and did natural breedings.  Sometimes nature just works out that way.  

I WILL do that breeding again on SASE's next season.    I believe that it will be a phenomenal breeding as both dogs are of wonderful quality.   My next litter will be Tantrum (CnSand Heir I Go Again).   I expect her to be in season in a month or so.   which would put pups due in early 2014.  

The best laid plans....