Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saturday Night Live!!!

In honor of the litter being born Saturday night as well as having two Parti boys this litter puppy name theme is Saturday Night Live......so Parti On Wayne......Parti On Garth.........the boys are Wayne and Garth. The girls are Church (lady), Gilly, and Baba Wawa. All are HUGE (well over a pound) and doing well. Mom Corky is pleased with herself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corky X Foster pups!

The pups arrived!!!! A few days early so I was in Dallas at a PWDCA in-person board meeting! YIKES! But Josh handled it well. He put in the call to Chris Harris who drove down to help whelp the litter. The excitement started at about 4:30 PM when her water broke. First puppy two hours later. and the last one at about 4 AM! So Corky (Cora) took her own sweet time! That is a LONG delivery for only 5 pups. But they are BIG ones!!!! First born were two Parti Color Boys who weighed in at 20 and 18 ounces! and the last three were girls with black with white markings. 18 ounces to almost 13 ounces. HUGE!!! names to come.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Corky X Foster pups

I spoke with Marika (Corky's co-owner) on Monday night.......she confirms that Corky is indeed "VERY PREGNANT". Traditionally, Corky would come to stay with me starting about a week from today...which would also be the time that I would be XRaying her to ascertain an approximate number of pups. Though due to a mandatory business meeting in Dallas March 11 through 13 I won't get Corky until the 13th. Her first due date is March 15th......though they are known to go early. Lets hope not in this case! Marika helped with the delivery of SASE's pups and feels good about handling this in the event she goes early. My friend Chris Harris is also "on call" to help if needed. If Corky makes it through the 13th I will have her Xrayed on Monday the 14th.