Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winston the Portuguese Water Dog

Author Mary Korr has published her first book in a series about her Portuguese Water Dog Winston and his adventures. Though Winston has passed away, he left an indelible mark on Mary's heart. Winston is a Rugby (Ch KPort Ruff Sport of CnSand) son. The link below will direct you to the book on the Amazon website.

Mary has also graciously offered to donate a portion of the profits from the Winston book to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation ( So buy the book...enjoy iy....AND help out the Portuguese Water Dog breed!

Happy Holidays!

I am not going to be sending out Holiday cards this don't think I dropped you from my list if you don't get one....because no one is! I have posted my holiday letter on my has some updates from the past year.

My Website is updated!

FINALLY! I updated my website. Please go visit it at

Corky is in season!

Corky is in season (EARLY!)....she will be bred to Ch. DownEast Rhythm N' Blues. Rhythm is a handsome wavy, black boy with an immense headpiece with great type. Pups will be due in late February/early March. I expect all and Black & White.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiara, Fani, and Tantrum

The girls at 17 weeks.

Owen and three of his daughters

Owen and the girls....Fani, Tantrum, and Tiara.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


TILLY!!!!! How much fun is she having?!?!?! Tilly is loved by the Sowa family and is from Zsa Zsa's second litter (Otto is her daddy).

Sloopy ask Santa for.....

Sloopy wants Santa to know he has been a very good boy.....he doesn't counter surf......he tries not to jump on people....and he tries very hard not to torture his big "brother" Kayak......he can't help the barking issues even though he has tried very hard....he is a little guy and he wants everyone to know he is around!

Sloopy would like some water work toys......and maybe some stuffed toys....