Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tushie was bred to Josh!

Tushie (Ch. CnSand Don't Squeeze the Charmin) has been Bred to Josh (Ch. DownEast Cowboy Casanova). Tushie is OFA Good, Current CERF, PRA Clear, GM1 Clear, Carries JDCM and Improper Coat. Josh is OFA Good, Current CERF, CHIC Clear by parentage for PRA, JDCM, GM1, Improper Coat Clear. The combination of Josh and Tushie is incapable of producing JDCM, PRA, GM1, and Improper Coat. Expect Curlies and Wavies. Black, Black and White, Possibly Parti Color and Brown. Pups due Late April.