Friday, August 14, 2009

Start Spreading the News......Zsa's babies have arrived

In typical Zsa Zsa fashion.....she couldn't wait until her due date to have the pups. I had her first Due date figured out as August 15th......but Zsa surprised me with pups on August 8th! The first came at around 3:30 am on the 8th. In disbelief, I called my friend Jen to come over to help with the delivery. Jen arrived and we waited...and waited....and waited for puppy number two to arrive. At 8am we went in to my vet...he looked Zsa over...Xrayed her and saw 6 more pups that needed to be delivered. With a little help from some drugs...and a few jogs around the block....Zsa delivered more pups.....5 bitches in a row! We took Zsa home where she delivered the last two.... BOYS! She took 12 hours! YIKES!

The pups were very premature.....all lacked hair on faces and legs....all were small (from 5.5 ounces to 8.8 ounces).......we lost one of the boys immediately as we could not get him breathing on his own. I ended up taking two of the girls away from Zsa and put them in an incubater so that I could keep them warm and dry.....I tube fed them as well as suplimenting the rest of the litter. And while I won't say we are out of the woods yest....I gave Zsa back the two little girls yesterday. The 6 seem to be thriving at this I will keep working hard (need some sleep! though thanks to Richard, Roxanne, and my Mom for giving me some nap time!) and hope that all continues to go well. So.....welcome to the girls....Tribeca, Harlem, Brooklyn, SoHo, and Bronx......and boy Gotham! No pictures yet...but maybe soon. (Thanks Owen for some pretty pups!)

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