Monday, September 24, 2012

SASE X Sawyer pups are HERE!!!!

SASE (Abadessan's Signed Sealed Delivered) X Sawyer (GCh. CnSand Ardanwood Whitewash the Fence 4 me) pups arrived.   Starting on 9/23 and finishing on 9/24.  Big thanks to Tina Morse who sat with me for most of the day until pups finally began arriving around 9:00pm.   Thanks to Jen Monsarrat and Anne Wagner for coming to help with the special delivery.   Thanks to Marika and Josh for trusting me with their girl.   Huge thanks to SASE for being such a good girl (well besides telling me she was going to have the pups at 6 yesterday morning and not really starting till 9 that night!!).   

Count is 4 Girls, 4 Boys.   4 Irish, 4 Parti (white and black).  an even split of two of each coat color to each gender.  

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