Friday, August 2, 2013

Fall Puppies at Cnsand!!!

Tushie (Ch. Cnsand Don't Squeeze the Charmin, Black Curly ) has been bred to Otto (Ch. Cnsand Bass Ackwards, Black and White Wavy).  Pups due End of September.  Tushie is OFA Good, PRCD PRA Clear, Current CERF, JDCM Carrier, IC Carrier.  Otto is OFA Good, PRCD PRA Normal, JDCM Normal, IC Normal, and GM-1 Normal.  Otto's CERF exam is expired a new one will be done soon.   The combination of Otto to Tushie is genetically incapable of producing PRCD PRA, JDCM, GM-1, or IC because at least one parent is genetically tested as a non-carrier for these simple recessive diseases.  Expect Wavies and Curlies, Black, Black and White, and possibly Parti Color.   An in-person interview is required to be considered for a puppy.   Email me at for more information.  

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