Thursday, August 1, 2013

PWD Breeders/Fanciers

Dear Portuguese Water Dog Breeders and Fanciers,
In February of 2012 Mrs. Anat Cunha of Barrington, RI, breeding under the kennel name Karma filed suit against me in the Superior Court of Providence County in Rhode Island.  
In this suit, Mrs. Cunha is seeking my removal as Co-Owner of all dogs that we currently Co-Own.   
My Co-Ownership was a requirement of purchase of Wayfarer CnSand Pure Karma (Cnsand Bass Ackwards x Akire Gotta Lotta Moxie) pursuant to a written contractual agreement between Mrs. Cunha, Patty and David Gault (Wayfarer), and myself (CnSand). In addition, as an agreement of purchase of Wayfarer CnSand Pure Karma, Mrs. Cunha agreed to have all offspring produced placed on spay/neuter contracts unless permission was given by both Patty and David Gault (Wayfarer) and myself (CnSand). 
Mrs. Cunha is also seeking my removal as Co-Owner of Karma CnSand the Beat Goes On (DownEast Lord of the Rings x Wayfarer Cnsand Pure Karma), a puppy produced from a litter I arranged with my long time friend, Steven Dostie (DownEast). My Co-Ownership of Karma CnSand the Beat Goes On was a requirement of the Stud Dog owner, Steven Dostie (The DownEast Stud Service Agreement required all puppies from this litter to be placed on AKC Limited Registration with spay/neuter requirements, and the ownership and physical possession of one show and/or breeding potential female puppy is allowed as long as the puppy is co-owned by all bitch owners, thus contractually requiring me to remain a co-owner of this bitch). 
Wayfarer CnSand Pure Karma was bred to Floodtide’s Meet Me at Dockside.  Mrs. Cunha did not receive permission from me for any of the resulting puppies to be placed on anything other than a strict Spay/Neuter Contract.   Mrs. Cunha was able to register 9 of the 10 puppies on Full Registration with the AKC.  The AKC agreed to list me as Co-Owner of all of the dogs that were fully registered in this litter.  Mrs. Cunha is also seeking my removal as Co-Owner of all these dogs/bitches (all dogs will be listed by AKC name and AKC registration number at the conclusion of this letter).
Mrs. Cunha bred Karma CnSand the Beat Goes On (a bitch I co-own as mentioned above) without my knowledge, approval, or input during this ongoing litigation. The resulting litter was born 4/28/2013. On June 5, 2013, I was notified by the AKC that Mrs Cunha attempted to register the litter with the AKC.   Per AKC rules and regulations, I was contacted to obtain my approval and signature  as co-owner. I explained that Karma CnSand the Beat Goes On was involved in an ongoing lawsuit and that I would not be signing the litter registration.   I provided the AKC with copies of Mrs Cunha's Court Complaint and my response to the Complaint and Counterclaim.   The AKC responded on July 12, 2013 that they will not make any decisions in regards to the registration of the litter until after the case has been resolved.   Mrs. Cunha placed all of the puppies from the litter at 8 weeks of age.   I do not know where the puppies were placed, nor do I have any first hand knowledge of any contractual promises to or requirements of the new owners that Mrs. Cunha has made.  
I Co-Own the following dogs and do NOT agree to their being bred.  Mrs. Cunha has refused to agree to not breed the dogs listed below until after the lawsuit has been settled, thus I feel it is necessary to inform my fellow breeders and fanciers that I do NOT approve of them being bred and I have had no input in breeding decisions for them. In addition, I will NOT agree to sign any litter registrations resulting from them being bred.  
  1. Wayfarer Cnsand Pure Karma (9/2/2007)  WS23375907
  2. Karma Cnsand the Beat Goes On (4/15/2010)  WS33644508
  3. Karma Queen of Kings Can’t Touch this Royal Seal (4/28/11) WS37358201
  4. Karma Kings of the Sea (4/28/11) WS37358204
  5. Karma Kings Spare to the Heir (4/28/11) WS37358205
  6. Karma Princess of Coral Destined to be Queen (4/28/11) WS37358206
  7. Karma Queen Princess of the Sea (4/28/11) WS37358207
  8. Karma Prince Squid Born to be King (4/28/11) WS37358208

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. Please feel free to share this information with any breeder/fanciers that may not have received it.  

Kris Cofiell
CnSand PWDs
PWDCA member since 1993
AKC Breeder of Merit

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